Monday, October 22, 2007

Weapons for World War III (BLADE)

Magnum- Not your regular gun. Then again, nothing at BLADE ever is. It acts like a regular eight-shooter, but it uses explosive charges. The alt-fire lets you unload the whole gun at once. The barrel spins for about a second, then it fires the charges in rapid succession.

Coilgun Targeter- Does just what it says on the tin. The gun does function as an assult rifle, but its real power is the alt-fire, which puts an infrared target for the overhead Cruiser to open fire with its coilgun. It takes about half a second to aim, fires, then takes about half a minute to reload and recharge the coils.

Minirocket Launcher- A minirocket is basically a powerful grenade with wings. These were developed to make Rockets more accessible to infantry. Also, the size of the ammo allows for six minirockets to be stored at once.
Allows for fire-and-forget and LASER-seeking modes.

Springsword- A katana that has its blade contracted when not in use via matter compression techniques. Named for the kinetic force made when the sword is 'unsheathed'. Because of this, many people put the sword to an object and spring it for massive force.

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