Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Demonagoge creation story

My name is Time, and I am the storyteller of the story of Demonagoge. Long a go a great man, named Life, created the universe. He could create great things, animals, people, even worlds. And that was not all he could do. He could also destroy his creations in a funerary wrath. He decided that he would create the greatest race of people, that was his goal. Try after try each race filled with greed and stole from others of they're race until they would all become corrupt. His wrath would come down upon them and he would try again.

And then it dawned upon him that he should create someone to control the others, a manipulator. Alas he failed in this too, for the manipulator was corrupt with power. So he tried again, and failed. So he made two manipulators; one of life, and one of death. The manipulator of death 'marked' the people he choose and sealed their fate; what they would do, and when they would die. The manipulator of Life could play with them like puppets, as long as that didn't go outside of their ' mark'. They could not harm each other. This failed too, for the manipulator of death was corrupt and the manipulator of life was weak.

So, in his wisdom he held a battle royal of sorts; 100,000 participants, demons, fighting for the position of Satan and Natas, the two manipulators. The two were to watch over the human race. Despite their efforts, other corrupt demons spoiled the humans. Satan begged "Life, don't kill us; we can save this race yet, by starting over, just us three." "But life said "No, you have served your time. We shall make humans the next wave of demons, the second war shall be more successful than the first, and they shall be fighting for Demonagoge.

Demonagoge part one by fish111