Thursday, November 29, 2007

List of Game Concepts

Note: This is old as fuck, and won't be updated. If you want a list of my game ideas, use the "concepts" tag!

This list will be updated as I come up with more ideas for games.

BLADE (Now renamed Farming Armageddon)
A series of sci-fi FPS games centered on war. The games in in-universe chronological order are: War of the Masters, World War III, Civil War. The first deals with an alien threat known as the Masters, and their various genetically modified servants. The second game is about WWIII. The third game involves a Civil War between the BLADE colonies. As you can see, all three titles are somewhat self-explanatory.

Gods Among Us
In this game, there is a god for everything. You play as one of these gods- the God of Kinetics, specifically. One god is trying to use his powers to take over the world. Naturally, it's your job to beat his ass into the pavement.

Let's Play Dancing!
A video game-themed DDR clone. Will feature songs and characters from any series we can license. Once you beat all he song on Very Hard, You can select which dancer to use for each song.

Mach Racing
An F-Zero clone with Mario Kart-style deathmatch and a track editor. Also includes weapons. Each vehicle has a special trick. For example, one can strafe. Another can recharge health very slowly.

"Operation Infiltration"
You're a merc hired by some shady corperation to get intel they need. You get this intel from complexes owned by the target corporations. Sometimes, they may require you to destroy or otherwise sabotoge things owned by the enemy corps. You can sneak your way in, blast your way through with stunts and speed, or blow the place to hell. Expect resistance.

"Operation Mindfuck"
An RPG codenamed for its plot style. Will include many plot twists. Will use an expanded version of the engine for the latest Elder Scrolls game, or whatever engine Crytek's using.

Paradox Mansion
You are trapped in a living mansion, where all temporal laws have gone to hell. Actually, that may be where you are, considering the things you've seen. Doorways no longer lead to the same place they did a few minutes ago. Objects form into golems. Even gravity doesn't apply here. Oh well... at least there are some people here who are willing to help you.

Tei Tenga

What DOOM was supposed to be. The game was originally a lot more complex, but John Carmack turned down that concept. However, this version of DOOM may still see the light of day. Read the DOOM Bible here.

Fuck Utopia!

Alternatative title: What's So Good About Utopias?

The game takes place in a perfect world, where there are no poor people, the economy is stable, the government is completely uncorrupted, and everybody is happy. Except for you. The PC doesn't get what people see in utopias. What's so good about a perfect world? What's wrong with mindless chaos? Let's do something about it!

You have no goal except to turn the city into rubble. There are no story missions, and you get your weapons off of the corpses of your enemies. On that note, take only what you can handle- the cops will send bigger guns after you the more attention you get, and thus the opportunity for bigger loot.

The game will have completely destroyable terrain and objects, which will repair itself over time due to some Applied Phlebotinum- only for you to destroy it again.

Ideas are welcome.

Friday, November 2, 2007


The Shield Grenade Launcher is an interesting support weapon. It fires a sticky grenade that projects a spherical shield after about a second after it latches onto something. The shield has a radius of about one meter and lasts for twice the amount of time you charge it by holding down the trigger. The maximum time the shield can last for is 15 seconds.
The primary fire will let things go out of the shield, but not in. The alt-fire does the reverse.

There are many tactical uses for the SiGL. For example, it can be used to render an enemy helpless via the alt-fire, or it can serve as a shield for an ally. You can also use this to temporarily block a path as well.

Please note that SiGL grenades will bounce off of existing shields.

Express your own tactics in the comments.