Monday, February 8, 2010

Unperfect Utopia

Fuck Utopia (Idea for GTA-esque game)

What would the underworld of a utopia look like?

I'd thought of both these ideas a while ago, but I never thought of putting them together. I might have to make this into a game one day.


  • PC is an average Joe who starts to notice that he doesn't actually enjoy the utopia he lives in. He decides to do something about it, by causing chaos. Make things a bit more interesting. As the game progresses, he starts to seriously think about toppling the utopia.
  • The game takes place in the capital city of the utopia. It is very clean, with an emphasis on bright solid colors.
  • At the start of the game, the cops are unarmed, and mostly doing things like helping kittens out of trees. There's no crime, so the police is unable to deal with serious threats, such as yourself. This will help the player ease themselves into the game, and shows the state of the city. As the game progresses, they become better armed, more numerous, and smarter. In general, the police represents the state of the city.
  • Everything is destructible, with destroyed things slowly rebuilding themselves via some sort of applied phlebotinum. Probably nanotech.
  • What allies would you have? Maybe the underground I mentioned in one of the threads. Mr. Cales has a very nice idea there.
  • The game's story changes depending on your actions. Not by way of choosing "good" or "evil" missions, but your general conduct.  A "good" PC will be a revolutionary figure, while an "evil" PC will be an immoral bastard in it for the fun. A "neutral" PC wants to topple the utopia, but hasn't given much thought into what comes after. He figures somebody will pick up the pieces, just not him.