Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Ideas

On my computer, I have a folder called the Vault. This serves the same purpose this blog does, but deals more with the specifics. (Usually). Here are two ideas from the Vault.

A small reconniscence robot, used for mapping terrain and spying, among other things. A plate can be affixed to the top to carry things, usually beer.
The bot has a simple design- a body and six legs, ending in pads* used to stick to walls and ceilings when needed.

*NOTE: The Mk. I did NOT have the pads, ending in prongs instead. The pads were added after a rather nasty incident when a high-ranking soldier was accidently stabbed in the right foot with one of said prongs. To quote the victim; "It's been at least half a year since the incident, and my foot STILL stings a bit whenever I move. Also, I can not move my toes in that foot."
A standard multiplayer FPS in the style of games such as Unreal Tournament, Quake III Arena, and Counter-Strike, but with a few new things, such as wallwalking a la Prey, but applied to the entire map.
One of the biggest features will be the weapon customization system. You start off with all the standard weapons, pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher, etc. You can buy upgrades for your weapons to increase their stats. Upgrades may also affect more than one stat. For example, a pistol scilencer will silence the gun, but will decrease the stopping power and spread.
The way you earn money depends on the gametype, for example in CTF, you will get a sizeable amount of money from capturing a flag, whereas in DM, the only way to get money is from frags. Also, you can LOSE money from doing things such as spawncamping. Don't even mention teabagging.

The first idea is for BLADE, and the second is a game concept I thought of while I was in the shower.


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