Thursday, October 11, 2007

BLADE Politics & Government

BLADE cities (colonies) are largely independent of each other. Also, each colony is suited to a specific purpose. For example, One colony may be dedicated to astronomical research, while another is dedicated to robotics.
Colonies are usually located in orbit above planets, in cave networks, or are huge starships known as Cruisers. The latter is a bit risky since they are often dependant upon other colonies and other cities for food & supplies. However, their mobility allows them to go to places where they are needed. Cruisers are usually dedicated to exploration, scientific, military, and medical purposes.

One of BLADE's main principles is the population limit. Each colony is limited to a population of about 1500. This limit may be increased or decreased depending on the wellbeing of the colony. The purpose of this is so that every body knows each other, and get along well. This defeats the purpose for laws, so they are hardly ever made, if at all. If things things get really bad, people may be forced to leave. People will continue to do so until all is right again. Fortunately, this has happened much. Unfortunately however, the people that were forced to leave in one such situation formed their own colony and militia, and procedded to attack their original colony. Other colonies helped to defeat the attackers, but others deciede that if they could do it , why couldn't we? And they did, beginning the BLADE Civil War. *Sigh* Tough times... tough times...

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