Sunday, October 14, 2007

Items for Mach Racing

Rocket- (RO) Goes straight, small damage, fast
*x= X RO are fired

Heat-Seeking Rocket- (HS) Same as RO, but homes, (accuracy depends on heat, so it would be more accurate in a cold track) goes faster, and does more damage
*x= X HS are fired

Scrambler- (SC) Does 1 of these effects to nearest opponent: reverses controls, (35%) causes static to appear on screen for a while (like blooper in MKDS), (20%) fires all items in stock, (5%), stats such as health, items, and speed on HUD dissapear for a while (30%)
*x= None, if you have a SC, you can not get another until you have lost the first

Shield Shed- (SS) Lose shield, causes shock wave, damage equal to power of shield upon use
*2= 1/4 of shield remains
*3= ½ of shield remains
*4= Shield remains
*5+= Shield goes to max

Teleport- (TP) Switches places with random racer
*2= 75% chance you will advance in place
*3, *4= 100% chance you will advance in place
*5+= Switch places with racer in 1st place

Mine- (MI) Lays a moderate damaging but easily avoidable mine behind you
*x= lays x mines in a horizontal line behind you

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