Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A character and some weapons

Gasp! A new post! Anyway, I've thought of quite a few things for Leonidas or Whatever I'm Going to Call This* over the past few days, such as weapons, a new character, and some badass creeds for the characters. Without further ado, let the blah commence!

Sniper: I'm not sure what to name this guy, mostly because I haven't decided on his heritage and personality. His weapons are an Akimborama** personal defense weapon for close encounters, and two shoulder-mounted computer-aided low recoil sniper rifles described below that are attached to his suit. He takes good care of them.

He will not be a Cold Sniper, but I haven't decided on his personality yet.

Sniper's special rifle: This isn't a customized rifle. This is an entirely new design built by RND specifically for its owner. It is a very long gun, almost Freudian in its proportions. The fact that it is also a part of its master's suit helps him steady the gun and handle the recoil. The gun is also entirely ambidextrous, allowing two of the beasts to be attached to one suit and subsequently dual-wielded.

It also is on a slide for when not in use. when the gun's master no longer needs his trustworthy companion, he will simply raise it up and slide it down along a mechanism built into the weapon. Once the gun has found its temporary resting place, it fits snugly across the back of its master's suit. When the weapon is needed again, it can be brought out is a second. Reloading is equally painless, as the magazine is stored on top for easy access and replacement.

If some long-range sniping is required, the gun's onboard camera will activate and zoom in, augmenting the user's manipulations of the controls with its own fine adjustments. The gun's master need not look through the camera itself- he can look through the camera and see what his gun sees. The controls are located on the handle for easy access.

Another fine feature of the rifle is the Gauss Accelerator at the end of the barrel. When the gun is fired, an electromagnet at the end of the barrel will activate, assisting the stalwart bullet on its journey. Once the projectile has passed, the electromagnet's job is done and thus it deactivates.

Super-silenced pistol: A long-range pistol used by this guy for when he needs to be stealthy. Considering his audacious personality and the company he keeps, it doesn't get much use. The design is now being used by the Japanese military.

The pistol is pretty normal, except that it uses rather large ammunition (caseless rifle rounds) and is entirely encased in a soundproof plastic and rubber combination. Because of these factors, the only sound from the gun that is audible to the ear is the click of the trigger, which is not covered for obvious reasons.

The weapon is notable for being completely silenced, yet very powerful due to the chosen cartridge. However, because of the chosen ammunition, the handle is somewhat long and has been padded at the sides to make up for this. The rounds are also slanted, and pushed into their correct position when loaded into the chamber.

The result is a totally silent handgun that can blow your arm off. What's not to like?

*I'm thinking I might use "Wars of Our Sons" as a title. How's that sound?

** Designed to be dual-wielded, but works great if one is held with both hands.

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