Friday, November 14, 2008

Fuck Utopia!

Alternatative title: What's So Good About Utopias? 

The game takes place in a perfect world, where there are no poor people, the economy is stable, the government is completely uncorrupted, and everybody is happy. Except for you. The PC doesn't get what people see in utopias. What's so good about a perfect world? What's wrong with mindless chaos? Let's do something about it! 

You have no goal except to turn the city into rubble. There are no story missions, and you get your weapons off of the corpses of your enemies. On that note, take only what you can handle- the cops will send bigger guns after you the more attention you get, and thus the opportunity for bigger loot. 

The game will have completely destroyable terrain and objects, which will repair itself over time due to some Applied Phlebotinum- only for you to destroy it again. 

Ideas are welcome.

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