Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Universe of genetically improved

Note: This universe is a lot like the movie GATTACA, and the Last book in the Universe. However, this universe has a key difference: Those who are visibly genetically defective, or different in any way (no matter how minorly), are incarcerated and regarded as monsters. The principle behind this universe is that if gene therapy was publicly availiable, then humanity would split into two breeds, the normals, and the genetically improved. The genetically improved are of course wealthier, and higher members of society. However, in this universe, normal people are so jealous of their beautiful smart strong counterparts, that they reject anyone in their ranks that they view as defective, hence the incarceration. Out of envy, the genetically untampered wish to purify their own population as much as possible.

This story's plot currently is about a middle class (normal) girl who is hired to become the handmaiden to a grand class (genetically improved) girl. After numerous conversations among themselves, and with members of the monster class (people viewed as defective), whilst touring a monster house (genetics prison). They discover that the system is broken. While trying to find ways to fix it, they discover that a virus might destroy the Grand Class, whose expertise is needed to run the advanced society. This is especially likely to happen, if an arrogant grand-classer is elected into office, who may just employ genocide as his policy. Even if they cannot cure society, the trio must still find a way to drive off the immediate dangers.


Kristin: Mid-classer who's best job opportunity is to serve a Grand-class bachelorette. Is somewhat aware of and angered by the social injustice around her, but not greatly so.

Azalea: Grand-classer who is betrothed to a smart, strong, and hansome (but arrogant) bachelor named Salazar. She is secretly unhappy with her betrothal, but is not quite sure how to justify her feelings. Posesses some pity for the lower classes.

Mark: Monster-classer who has been incarcerated for Asperger Syndrome. He lives with his annoying autistic cellmate Grant. Has always been aware of society's injustices, but can do nothing about them. He is glad to finally enlighten someone with an open mind when Kristin and Azalea visit.

Grant: Autistic cellmate of Mark. He cannot speak, and is easily overwhelmed by loud noises.

Camelia: Azaleas mother. She is very stubborn and insistent on Azalea marrying Salazar.

Salazar: Arrogant young man who has been betrothed to Camelia. He scoffs at the Middle Class, and expresses hate and fear toward the monster class. Azalea dislikes him, but has grown up in such a proud culture that she cannot tell why.

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