Thursday, February 28, 2008

Operation Infiltration

Note: the title is tentative. If anyone can come up with a good title, I'd be glad to hear it.

You are a mercenary for some big corporate entity, doing covert work for them. Your job is to go into enemy locations, get their secrets, and leave without anybody knowing that your employers are to blame. However, how you do your job is up to you.

You have a few options. You can go the covert approach, using the latest in active camo technology to blend into your surroundings and sneak your way past guards. Alternatively, you can run in head-first with grappling hooks and Hollywood stunts. Lastly, you can go in balls-out with twin rocket launchers and a minigun as your sidearm leaving only destruction in your wake.

However, you'll need to buy these things first. You get money for the missions you complete, which you can spend on upgrades for your suit, neural enhancements, gadgets, and weapons. At first, you're your average merc with a fancy suit generously provided by your employers.* After you customize your gear though, you can jump fifty feat, copy guards' clothes, and wield guns half the size of the choppers they were meant to be mounted on.

The story will be worked out later.

The reason you didn't have to pay for it is because you're the beta-tester. Betas are not without their bugs...


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