Friday, May 25, 2012

Kaiju City Defense

Note: I may develop the idea further at a later date. If so, this post will be updated.

The base idea may remind you of many anime of yesteryear: Monsters attack the city one at a time, and it’s up to you to defend it. But unlike Evangelion, GaoGaiGar, or Go-Busters, you don’t have a giant robot. Instead, you have conventional weapons. Fighter jets, tanks, SAMs, etc.

You are awarded a certain amount of money at the end of each in-game month, minus repair costs.

There are three phases to the game.

The downtime phase is the default state of the game. This is when you buy and upgrade things. (Towers, units, structural armor, underground storage, outposts, etc.) Time passes in an accelerated manner, how fast is up to the player. At the end of every month, the player gets a paycheck.

The preparation phase has you placing any purchased units and making any other preparations such as ammo selection. You will also receive intelligence concerning your foe. Depending on how good your detection systems are, you will receive information on the enemy’s location, form, and maybe even weaknesses.

The defense phase starts when the monster comes within range of your defenses. This progresses in real time, as it heads toward the center of the city. Once it gets there, it starts to dig. Whatever it wants, it’s underground. This also happens to be where your headquarters is, so the longer it attacks the more it could get damaged.

  • Towers can be swapped out during the defense phase, though this takes time.
  • Monsters change tactics in response to player defenses
  • Conversation segments where you have to brownnose diplomats for extra budget?

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