Saturday, January 8, 2011

Idea for an eroge

There are two kinds of eroge. Those that are plot with porn, and those that are porn with plot. This is the former, with the tropes of the latter.

A normal, average Japanese teenager wakes up to a normal day. At the breakfast table, his little sister seems a bit more reserved than usual. At school, he finds that his childhood friend is a bit shy about talking to him. The class president barks at him rather harshly- more so than usual. Everything seems a little bit off. It isn't for a few days that he realizes that he's in an eroge- a very smutty one at that. People he's known for his entire life have been reduced to stereotypes. Needless to say, he doesn't take this very well. After a slight internal breakdown, the game's first choice is presented.

This is where the game's save system comes into play. You see, this game doesn't have a normal save system. Instead, it tracks which choice points you've encountered, and which choices you've taken. As the game progresses this becomes a large map, filling itself with your choices. At any time you can exit to this map and go to any other point in the game you've already been to. This is essentially an automation of what eroge players already do- make a map of choices and save at every opportunity. The catch is that the PC remembers his choices, and new ones appear as he gathers more intel. Thus, the player might want to go down a bad end in order to learn something.

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Yelir61 said...

Wow, this is a pretty cool (if disturbing) idea. The idea of waking up one day to find everyone you know turned into clichéd characters would be freaky enough. To discover that they've turned into clichéd characters from an erotic video game is a whole 'nother level of creepy. I can just see the main character getting progressively more unhinged as the game goes on. Or worse, begin to act like a character himself. As a subtle horror game, this would be scary as hell to play. The erotic bits, which would normally be arousing, would instead be terrifying, sort of like how Silent Hill 2 uses sexuality. Not sure how well it would play as strict porn though.

On a separate note, the idea of the protagonist being able to go back to choice points, and being able to gather information from bad paths in order to make new choices in the past, is fantastic. Somehow, the ability to make different choices based on information you gathered in an alternate future screams "Cool!" at me. (It helps that I'm a sucker for time travel stories.) All in all, this is an awesome idea for a game, and I hope it gets made some day.