Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WW III intro

This is the cutscene that we see once the player starts a new game for the first time.

Scene opens into a bunker, everything is in near-grayscale, a la Gears of War. (Or whatever’s considered “Next-Gen” by the time this comes out) We see through the eyes of some soldier, going through the bunker obliterating everything in his way. There is much gore. After a little while,sirens go off and alarms activate, making everything look red. A loud voice calls out; “We are at DEFCON 1!” Our character steps out of the bunker as this is being said, and sees a nuke going off in the distance.

Phil wakes up.

It is dark, and he is in bed. His cell phone beside his bed is currently declaring the end of humanity. He picks up the phone and answers it. He starts to get out of bed.

“Hey! Where are you? I’ve been looking for ya.”
“You just woke me up.”
“Well, get your ass down here- we have a mission to do, remember? Ross briefed us last night.”
“Right, right.”
“Just don’t stay up late next time.”
“Right. LIGHTS!”

The lights turn on. Phil’s room is white and would normally look clean if discarded clothes and other assorted items weren’t on the floor.

“Couldn’t you just use a switch like everybody else?”
“What’s the fun in that?”
“Just get your ass down here.”

Phil opens the door and walks through the ship on his way to the armory, then the hanger. We see several people having breakfast, telling jokes, playing games, etc. After a while, Phil finally gets to the hanger, where the rest of his squad is waiting.

“Get in the damn dropship.”

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